Evolving the way we move with sustainable energy.

Refrigerated road transport is changing and Revora is here to support that transition.

Revora aims to establish a line of highly efficient, cutting-edge green transport solutions for our customers in third party logistics and broadline food services along with the meat, seafood, dairy and produce industries.

Read on to learn more about how we can join you on the journey to a sustainable future.

Our Mission

Revora’s mission is to empower the refrigerated transport sector so it has a sustainable future.

Revora will achieve this by providing intelligent solutions for zero emission refrigerated trucks and associated energy replenishment.

How can we help?

Revora aims to empower, support and guide customers through the journey to a sustainable energy future with open and transparent information and solutions.

After a Fleet Compatibility assessment to ascertain how ready your refrigerated truck fleet is to move to an electric future, Revora will advise a timeframe of how a path to electrification can be implemented.

Revora develops a digital twin of your fleet to analyse and provide insight on reducing current diesel usage. We use telematics and energy data to understand your refrigerated fleet and operation. 

From there, Revora will suggest fuel saving options and how you can optimise electrification tariffs. We can also advise on how you might benefit from CO2 emissions credits through moving towards electrified refrigerated trucks.

Revora proposes a six stage process:

Fleet Analysis

Assessment of current fleet operations and readiness to move to zero emissions trucks

Up to Speed

Open discussion on the move to electrification for your refrigerated transport fleet – no questions are off limits

Fleet Preparation

Engage in energy efficiency and optimisation opportunities

Truck Solutions

Smart electric truck design and intelligent systems to assist your fleet be its most efficient.

Charging Solutions

Optimising clever energy and charging solutions through engagement with the grid and implementing engineered packages for maximum efficiency.

You’re on the Road

Getting your wheels on the road for your sustainable refrigerated transport fleet through Revora.

Our Approach

Australian ingenuity is central to Revora’s mission to empower the refrigerated transport industry towards a sustainable future. Revora’s zero-emissions refrigerated trucks are assembled in Brisbane by Australian technicians. Our key components (chassis, fridge, body etc.) are sourced from the highest quality local and international manufacturers.

Our offering

Refrigerated Electric Trucks

Revora’s electric truck program is based on a long-term hire agreement, which will see us be your partner in transition.

Having gone through the assessment process, Revora will have an understanding of your requirements.

Your agreement with Revora includes:

  • Electrification compatibility assessment

  • Fully maintained refrigerated electric trucks for your transport fleet.

  • Suitable number of smart chargers based around your fleet’s 24 hour movements.

  • Tracking and assessment of your vehicles and energy usage.

  • Training for staff for both on and off-site charging.

  • On-call support.

Our offering

Electric Charging Solutions

Moving to an electrified refrigerated truck fleet is more than just taking on the vehicle, it requires a supporting energy solution.

Through its research and contacts in the industry, Revora has sourced market leading charging solutions that will a) ensure your refrigerated trucks are charged with the correct sized equipment and b) will deliver the most sustainable solution when it comes to your electricity usage.

Our detailed site and fleet audit will ensure the most compatible solution is brought into your business.

Revora sources from market leading charging solution distributors to ensure the best product for your usage situation – we understand that every refrigerated transport fleet is different, so we remain flexible with the options we provide to ensure you have the optimal product to evolve into a future of zero emissions. 

Our offering

Decarbonisation Solutions

The journey to zero-emissions starts with understanding and optimising your current operations. Revora will support fleets who are considering a transition to electric with solutions to help reduce fuel costs and emissions now. This could include a Revora fuel purchasing and reporting service and telematics support.

Having industry-wide data at our disposal gives Revora the knowledge to advise your team on best practices to maximise your decarbonisation journey – and also build a platform of continuous improvement that increases the value of the process for you.

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