Understanding ‘Net Zero’ & The Australian Government’s Pledge

In October 2021, the Australian Government committed to a plan to make Australia emit net zero carbon emissions while preserving existing industries and seeing the country become a leader in low emissions technologies.

It was this plan that planted the seed that created Revora – to protect the sustainability of the refrigerated transport industry through electrification.

The (Morrison) Government’s original plan was ‘built on five principles: technology not taxes; expand choices not mandates; drive down the cost of a range of new technologies; keep energy prices down with affordable and reliable power; and, be accountable for progress.’ It is unclear at the time of writing how this will change long term under the current Albanese Government.

At the time of the announcement, $35 billion had been invested in renewable energy since 2017, with that having expanded more since. Australia is second only behind the EU in reducing emissions.

While there is a push away from diesel, there are other pull factors – like using energy that is made here rather than imported from overseas – and low noise that allows night operations in built up areas – and no tailpipe pollution coming out on our footpaths.

The Government’s plan to achieve that net zero status by 2050 features a range of strategies to deploy at scale that your refrigerated transport fleet business can take advantage of in moving to the electric space.

Some of these include incentivisation to move to a carbon free model, infrastructure investments to ensure the nation can handle the large scale deployment and certification for businesses that take part.

Revora understands that for many refrigerated truck fleet owners in Australia that much of this can be overwhelming and confusing – which is where we step in.

Revora’s team will lead your business through the benefits that you can receive through electrification (so you don’t have to!).

Using a technology approach, Revora will work with you to understand your current position and how ready you are to electrify your refrigerated fleet.

We’ll then guide you to the best trucks and energy solutions that suit your business and usage situation. The Revora team provides you and your team the training and support you need to implement an electrified refrigerated truck system.

Revora’s team has been around the refrigerated transport industry for over three decades and brings the knowledge, know-how and support to take the industry forward safely, sustainably and with the best information in the market to ensure you improve efficiency to future proof your refrigerated transport fleet through electrification.

For more information on Revora and how we can propel your fleet business into an electrified future, reach out to our team here.


Revora is a new Australian refrigerated transport company built from decades of experience in the industry. It is set to empower the industry towards a sustainable future through decarbonisation with electric trucks. Using largely Australian ingenuity, Revora offers zero-emission refrigerated trucks, energy/charging solutions and data services. Its focus is to lead third party fleet operators to maximum efficiency, with outcomes of reducing air pollution, noise, operating costs and meet a customer’s emission reductions requirements.


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