4 Reasons Why Trucking And Electric Vehicles Suit Each Other

Revora has identified the benefits of electrifying refrigerated trucking through years of research conducted through its sister company, Eurocold in the traditional diesel fuelled space.

Here are four of the main reasons why we think that electrifying the refrigerated transport makes sense to fleet owners:

1. Last Mile deliveries

Research shows that the majority of fleet owners that Revora will service are predominantly last mile deliveries mainly in urban areas. Most of these short deliveries are in rigid trucks (the highest number of trucks on the road, by volume, in Australia according to NTI).

Therefore, as a collective by volume, they are creating the most carbon emissions. By electrifying small to medium rigid refrigerated trucks in urban Australia, Revora will assist in reducing those emissions. Revora’s electric refrigerated trucks will allow nimble deliveries, which also works in with the regenerative braking recovery touched on in part two.

2. Stop Start deliveries

Through its very nature, the last mile delivery of refrigerated trucks in Australia (and largely being in urban areas – more on that soon), mean there is a lot of stop and start to not only get to the delivery location, but also stopping at those locations.

Revora’s electric refrigerated trucks will enable fleet owners to lengthen their range through regenerative braking, allowing the truck to recapture energy as it brakes and stops. Think a simpler version, but same concept as Formula 1’s Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS). This then delivers greater efficiency for the fleet.

3. Electrification contributes to Health Benefits

It is estimated that there are over one million petrol and diesel vehicles on the road each day in Sydney and Melbourne respectively. A Californian study into fleet vehicles showed that a two per cent penetration of electric vehicles into fleets had a detectable decrease in nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the atmosphere. The University of Melbourne’s study claimed the health toll from petrol and diesel emissions had a health toll 10 times more than road accidents and could cause 11,000 premature deaths through asthma, respiratory problems and cardiovascular issues.

4. Stretches delivery time ability through noise reduction

It is a fact that diesel trucks are noisy. Electric refrigerated trucks are not. In urban and built up areas, that will enable delivery fleets to extend their operations later into the night time, therefore better servicing customers. The lack of tailpipe emissions through electrification reduces pollution and can allow access to enclosed delivery docks and buildings. Overall, this will also allow fleet operators to adjust their operations to ensure better services and more than likely attract new customers where an out-of-business hours delivery service suits them better.

Overall, Revora believes electrifying the refrigerated truck industry will ensure its long term sustainability as well as increasing the workload efficiency and profitability of fleet owners.

For more information on Revora and how we can propel your fleet business into an electrified future, reach out to our team here.


Revora is a new Australian refrigerated transport company built from decades of experience in the industry. It is set to empower the industry towards a sustainable future through decarbonisation with electric trucks. Using largely Australian ingenuity, Revora offers zero-emission refrigerated trucks, energy/charging solutions and data services. Its focus is to lead third party fleet operators to maximum efficiency, with outcomes of reducing air pollution, noise, operating costs and  meet a customer’s emission reductions requirements.


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